PRESS RELEASE New innovative travel e-book „Edinburgh – Sights and Secrets“ to be published on 1 September 2015 by Ebozon

Cover_EdinburghPRESS RELEASE

New innovative travel e-book „Edinburgh – Sights and Secrets“
to be published on 1 September 2015 by Ebozon

  • „The Magnificent Travellers“: Freelance journalists and professional photographers present their individual views on the Scottish capital on
    154 pages.
  • Our writers present a selection of their favourite restaurants and sights in Edinburgh.
  • The e-book and PDF will be available in English in more than 190 online shops for 3.99 €.

Munich, 1 September 2015 – A new, digital and innovative travel guide „Edinburgh – Sights and Secrets“ will be published today by Ebozon in English. It will be available as an e-book or PDF in more than 190 online shops for 3.99 €. A German version of this travel guide will follow the release of the English version.

„Edinburgh – Sights and Secrets“ is the first travel guide published by the group called „The Magnificent Travellers“ – 14 freelance journalists and professional photographers from every corner of Germany. Their guide brings together a selection of their favourite day trips, local attractions, restaurants and parks in a series of concise and entertaining texts. There are a total of nine chapters detailing, among other things, the best places to bring a guitar for an open mic night, taste the national dish haggis, or learn about why golf is so popular in Scotland.

In December of 2014, „The Magnificent Travellers“ spent two weeks in Edinburgh in order to uncover the best the Scottish capital has to offer. Following more than half a year of work, they are proud to present what they experienced in book form, omitting typical advice about standard things like hotels and restaurants to be find in a number of other travel guides. Bars, cultural highlights and historical attractions favoured by locals are highlighted by „The Magnificent Travellers“ in order to take the reader off the beaten path for a unique experience in Edinburgh.

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Authors: Gerald Biebersdorf, Melanie Dworaczek, Werner Gritzbach, Nadine Haase, Sascha Ihns, Patricia Kämpf, Lydia Ranke, Michaela Schneider, Susanne Schramm, Hanadi Siering, Kai Simmerl, Ev Tsakiridou, Andrea Weil, Sabrina Wendling.

Pages: 167 (e-book), 154 (PDF)
Available: ePUB, Mobipocket, PDF
Language:  English
On sale: September 2015

ISBN 978-3-95963-169-3 (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-95963-167-9 (ePUB)
ISBN 978-3-95963-168-6 (Mobipocket)

Publisher: Ebozon
Distribution: Ebozon
Price: 3.99 €

gruppenfoto_kleinAbout „The Magnificent Travellers“
The Magnificent Travellers“ are a group of freelance journalists and professional photographers from Germany who love to travel. In 2014, they received a scholarship from the EU in order to travel to, and research the local culture in Edinburgh and write a travel guide about their experiences. Their first book (“Edinburgh – Sights and Secrets”) is now finished, and they plan to continue to travel and present readers with short, concise and entertaining travel guides that showcase main attractions, but also bring travellers off the beaten path. Through proper research and travel journals presented with a professional and engaging layout, „The Magnificent Travellers“ are going to continue to provide readers and fellow travellers with digital travel guides available in both the English and German languages.

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